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Facials. Hair Removal. Lashes. Spray Tanning.

Janelle Viviano, Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist attended and graduated Capri Cosmetology Learning Center in Newburgh in 2011. She received her license to practice Facials, Microdermabrasion treatments, peels and Makeup Artistry. All of which she continued to update by attending advance certification classes, in New York City, Pennsylvania and New Jersey every year. Janelle has assisted in photo shoots performing make-up applications; worked with Pepsi- Cola, Kenneth Cole and other commercials.

It's safe to say that she has many specialties but the one she truly enjoys are facials with treatments. She looks at every client with a clear vision of what their skin can truly look like after treatments are completed and with a good plan that must be followed by clients. 'Microdermabrasion treatments are really a great service, they help with tones and skin textures. A client can really feel and see the difference after on service" . For sure

A few questions to get get to know your Esthetician a little better:

What is your favorite product line or what is your holy grail product?

Janelle: Hmm-mm... that's very tricky because I love all products! Totally a product Junkie!  But if I had to pick one is the Cucumber Spray by Skin Script! It really keeps the skin hydrated through out the day and keeps my makeup looking fresh all day! Better than Makeup Setting Sprays in my opinion.

What is your favorite Makeup Brand? 

Janelle: I'm loving Makeup Forever and Clinique( foundation)

Who is your favorite person? 

Janelle: Well, she isn't here with us any longer but it was my Nana. I miss her everyday and she would be proud of me today. She always said I was great with my hands and should be a nurse, so I guess I'm a beauty Nurse :) My parents also have been great supporters and wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.

What do you do on your time off? 

Janelle: I have time OFF?!? When I do I like to read, I'm a romantic!

Biggest accomplishment? 

Janelle: Opening Blush! Especially at an early age, I didn't think to open my own place until I was 30, I wanted to be settled in other ways in my life But hey 26 worked too and I'm not complaining!